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The Jerusalemkirche - Forum für interreligiöse Bildung (forum for interfaith education) has been actively involved in interfaith education and dialogue since 2003. We are a project of both the Protestant church district Berlin-Stadtmitte and Die Wille gGmbH – a Protestant youth center providing child and youth services, vocational training, cultural services, and further education. Die Wille is an interfaith, intercultural center based on a tradition of social responsibility; guiding principle is the Christian concept of humankind. 


Our religious and cultural influences play a large role in whether we can live together peacefully in society. Our dealings with one another are often guided by prejudices and superficial knowledge. The Jerusalemkirche's educational workshops offer youth and the people who work with them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and break down prejudices. They also provide a broad forum for interfaith and intercultural dialogue. By practicing, we can and must learn mutual respect and acceptance, particularly in light of existing (inter)religious conflicts.


The Jerusalemkirche develops and leads workshops for youth with different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and also provides further education for multipliers.

The current focus of our work is the development and implementation of interfaith conflict resolution training for youth.


We have a holistic approach to learning. People learn not only cognitively, but with all their senses (learning with head and hand). We therefore utilize creative methods, take excursions, and organize talks with representatives of many religions. 


Our interfaith team possesses a high level of expertise and competence. We believe it is important for us a team to also deal with interfaith topics.


What we offer

Workshops for youth

  • Forum Religion
  • Jewish life in Berlin
  • Christian life in Berlin
  • Muslim life in Berlin
  • Daily life and holidays – an interfaith comparison
  • Excursion "Jewish Museum"
  • Taste of Heaven – savoring religions
  • Religious art – graffiti and calligraphy
  • Image in my head – image in my hand (ceramics workshop)
  • Life and death – an interfaith comparison
  • Typical man? Typical woman? Gender relations – an interfaith comparison
  • Where friends are found – architecture of the Gods
  • Global migration / living illegally


Training for youth "Interfaith Conflict Resolution Trainer"


Further education for adults

  • Interfaith trainings on a variety of topics
  • Qualification in interfaith conflict resolution

Further topics upon request

Our project currently receives support from the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth's program "VIELFALT TUT GUT. Youth for Diversity, Tolerance, and Democracy."

The Middle East conflict

Young people’s understanding of the Middle East conflict is usually limited to preconceptions and superficial knowledge. Their opinions are therefore also often one-sided or one-dimensional. This workshop offers a direct learning experience with Israeli and Palestinian moderators. It deals with different types and methods of communication which can either escalate conflicts or have a deescalating effect.


The seminar acts on two main levels: cognitive and emotional (or knowledge and experience). Participants gain knowledge of sociological, historical, and religious facets of the topic and also learn to see the conflict in new ways. The workshop’s content includes basic information about the players in the Middle East conflict and an explanation of the terms often used in connection with the conflict. The structure is based on interactive and creative exercises such as observation, simulation, role plays, etc. We encourage participants to enhance their capacity for critical reflection as well as for self-reflection.


The fact that the moderators are themselves Israeli and Palestinian allows for a more authentic presentation of the conflict and offers identification figures for the teen participants, making it easier to win their trust. This exceptional perspective enables the presentation of the conflict and its history in all its complexity, and also prompts alternative ways of acting and thinking.


The workshop opens a path for a holistic understanding of a topic that plays a large role in many schools and other sites of social diversity. Using conflict management methods, teenagers can work on their own biography or media-influenced backgrounds and gain new, differentiated insights.


The workshop is an element of our project “This far and further...."



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